What you should know

For those about to come and visit this beautiful country Romania, or for those who dream about it, here are some advices to help you avoid possible annoyances or disappointments during your precious holidays!

Good to know: everything changes so quickly in Romania, a country in continuous mutation: the laws, the rules, the way to do things, depending on where you are and with whom. Don’t take anything as a fact, not even the advices you are given, or those you can read in your traveller’s guide, as it is only published once a year… Don’t be startled, but be careful!
And even if you are upset or angry, ask the right questions and try to make yourself understood calmly, you will always find someone who speaks English and who will try to help you.

Since Romania has entered the European Union (2007), you only need an ID card and your international driving license (and the insurance of your car, of course!) We advise you to take your European Health Insurance Card with you.

WARNING : outside Schengen, if you are travelling with your children, be sure to have their papers with you: in your passport, or with their own ID card + your family record book if they are yours, or accompanied by a parental authorization signed by both their parents if they aren’t yours.

N.B.:if you are not yet sure of the countries you might visit, it is always wiser to have your passport rather than your ID card with you (e.g. Serbia). When entering Romania, at the customs office of the border, buy a road-use vignette (compulsory).  Its price depends on the length of your stay and the model year of your vehicle. In case you have forgotten, you can also buy it in the gas stations.

Romania is a rather safe and welcoming country, where nothing annoying will happen to you more than in any other European country.