Scholar trips and traineeships

Our goal is to facilitate the exchanges, to innovate and to bring joy, to create encounters that make us grow and allow us to discover other people by offering what we have to them.

Thanks to the partnerships we have with schools, orphanages and retirement homes, we often organize social scholar trips. The students are accommodated in our homestay houses. They stay between 5 and 10 days in the village and animate daily activities in our partner structures. Translators are generally present in order to facilitate communication.

Lunches are taken in groups and dinners with the host families.

The students’ stay is filled with crafts workshops, cultural visits, hikes, encounters with the local youth and inhabitants.

We can organize the groups’ whole stay from their arrival in the country until their leaving, but we can also be just a halt of a few days during their trip to different regions.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to help you realize your project. We already have examples of programs and we will construct with you what best corresponds to your demand.

We have also welcomed ERASMUS students during 5 weeks to work in these same structures. Their stay was rich in experiences and encounters. If you have this kind of traineeship project, we would be glad to help you organize it in our region and to accompany you throughout your stay.