Themed stays

Arbre de Joie, initiation à la peinture sur oeuf

One of the major objectives of our network is to promote the encounters, to create a “better-being”, to participate to the learning, to the open-mindedness and to the joyfulness of the children, but also to accompany the youth and the adults in their projects.

Throughout rural tourism and the exchanges and animations we offer, we initiate encounters between people of different cultures, and this stirs their curiosity and encourages them to know the other and to share things with them.

Our social actions vary from a helping hand for a specific need, to an accompaniment on the long term, animation initiatives, organization of exchanges between youth, European programs, financial help for professional projects…

All this is made possible thanks to donations, grants, and to the percentage that TOJ retains on the price of our tourist services.


Arbre de Joie, Pic Nic dans la vallée de Zizin