Our suggestions

During the summer (in July and August) of 2019, Arbre de Joie is offering you a musical drink on every Sunday between 18:30 and 19:30. The entertainment is assured by the musicians of the village in one of our hosts’ garden. These convivial moments will provide you with an insight into the atmosphere of Transylvanian folk music and are an excellent occasion for a chat with your fellow travellers. A financial contribution will be asked for your drink consumption.
Immerse yourself in nature at Pusa’s and Arpi’s hut who will welcome you in the neighbouring Valley of Zizin.  Travel in a horse-drawn carriage, visit the sheepfold and taste their cheese, have a cauldron-cooked lunch, chill out near the campfire, wake up to the song of the birds, bathe in the river… lots of pleasant moments to share with your family, friends, or with your beloved!
One day in the Valley of Zizin On Saturdays or Sundays, transportation in a horse-drawn carriage, lunch, visit of the sheepfold Min 2 persons (departure at 10:00, return at 18:00) 55 € (250 lei)/person (half price for children under 12 / free for children under 5)
Week-end in a hut in the Valley of Zizin From Saturday 10:00 to Sunday 17:00) Transportation in a horse-driven carriage, meals, accommodation, visit of the sheepfold, hiking Min 2 persons 110 € (500 lei) / person (half price for children under 12 / free for children under 5)
Spend one day discovering the Carpathians : the Piatra Mare and the Ciucas Mountain are within easy reach from Purcareni. If you wish to be accompanied by a connoisseur, please ask us for their availabilities. The departure points for the hikes need half-an-hour drive from the village.
Your guide's fees (if needed) : 50€ (230 lei) / max. 5 persons,  4 € (20 lei) for each additional person.
Randonnée depuis Purkerec Treat yourself with a little escapade to the surrounding hills. According to your wishes and to your fitness, this 1 to 3 hours walk can be extended in order to fill in most of your day, without having to drive. If you wish to be accompanied by a connoisseur, please ask us for their availabilities.

Your guide's fees (if needed) : 30 € (135 lei) / max. 5 persons,  4 € (20 lei) for each additional person.

Discover our landscapes from a different point of view, in an original way. Take your time to decompress in the wonderful Valley of Zizin. Possibilities for a small ride of 2-3 hours or for an all-day journey with a dip in the river, barbecue and rest.
Prices :
  • Three-hours ride on a cart (sleigh during winter) : 5 persons 30 € (135 lei)
  • Three-hours ride on a carriage : max. 5 persons 40 € (185 lei)
Discover and learn with a craftsman the traditional methods of manufacturing or decorating of objects. Depending on their availabilities, you will have the choice between the following workshops: felt, Easter eggs painting, straw items manufacturing, creation of pearl necklaces, painting on wood and wood carving.

Price : 15 € (70 lei) / person

If you have liked our meals and like cuisine, this workshop is for you! Taught by one of our hostesses, you will prepare and share your traditional dinner and leave with its recipe.

Price : 25 € (15 lei) / person

In Romania, artisanal, home-made bakery is still very present. Kneaded by hand and baked in an outer wood fired oven, this delicious bread is shared between neighbours and can be enjoyed without any dressing. Participate in this workshop and leave with your own bread!

Price : 60 € (275 lei) for a group of max. 4 persons. 15 € supplementary (70 lei) for each additional person.

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Performed by the youth of the village, our traditional dances will cheer up your evenings. If you wish, you can also be initiated to them. Performances are regularly organized in the summer; please ask us for their schedule.  If you are travelling in group, we can also schedule an exclusive performance for you.

Price :

Price for an evening performance and folkdance training : min. 4 persons, 15 € (70 lei) /person

Treat yourself with a moment of deep relaxation by participating in a sophrology session or by choosing one of the massages below.

Sophrology session
Sophrology is a discipline aimed to help us develop a serene conscience, a harmony between the body and the soul throughout a training based on relaxation techniques and a simultaneous activation of the body and the soul.
Duration : 60 min
Price -5 € (25 lei)/person if in a group, or 20 € (90 lei) for an individual session

Amma chair massage for women and men A Japanese massage, practiced on dressed people seated on an ergonomic chair, the Amma is composed of a series of pressures, vibrations, light taps and effleurage. Applied to the back, the arms, the hands, the neck and the head, it procures a deep relaxation and refills you with energy.
Duration : 20 min
Price - 15 euros (90 lei)

Soothing back massage for women and men
Inspired by several different techniques, this relaxing massage is practiced on people lying on a massage table. Using warm oil, it efficiently relaxes the back, the arms, the neck and the head.
Duration : 30 min
Price - 20 euros (90 lei)

AbhyangaAyurveda Massage for women
Part of the Ayurvedic medicine, the Abhyanga enveloping massage is deeply relaxing. Practiced on the entire body during one hour with warm sesame oil, it improves your blood- and energy circulation, reduces fatigue and reboots your sleep cycle.
Duration: 60 min
Price - 35 euros (160 lei)

Balinese massage for women
Practiced on the entire body with warm coconut oil, the Balinese massage is relaxing, tonic and invigorating at the same time. The applied techniques procure smoothness and relaxation, but also tonus and energy by kneading, effleurage, percussion and digitopuncture.
Duration: 60 min
Price - 35 euros  (160 lei)

For your visits in our region, you can choose to be accompanied by one of our tour guides! It is a more pleasant way to discover the surrounding sites and it will help you spare time.

Price : 60 € (275 lei) for one day, including the guide’s meal.

We sell postcards with views of the village, as well as products made by your hostesses or by the local craftsmen. Buy in our place in order to participate in the development of our local economy!
Recipe book of our hostess' meals from Purcareni

Available in our office, this recipe book was imagined and produced by Normand Pleau. It is an invitation to taste the savours of our tables: a mixed cuisine of Romanian and Hungarian meals that reflects the specific atmosphere of our village. This little book will remind you pleasant memories and will help you prepare our meals back home. It might as well arouse your curiosity and desire to come and share these meals with us! We shall keep you informed about the possibilities of mail order.

At your disposal in our office, we have a collection of French books both for children and adults.